Moisturizing Cream Hair and Body Conditioner

This is a great multi use product. An exceptional hair, scalp and body nourishing treatment. Rich in vitamins, marine extracts and essential oils. When used in combination with the Moisture Shampoo they are very effective in smoothing hair strands due to thick texure and/or damge. Hair becomes shinier, softer, smoother, and more managable as soon as the first use, and all without harsh detergents.This combination helps to recondition the scalp, hair and the skin of the body through oxygenating and stimulating. Light detangler, but no heavy waxes that leave residue to weigh hair down and reduce volume. Leaves hair softer, shinier and more manageble. Safe for Color treated and permed hair. Beneficial for scalp and skin conditions such as dandruff, eczema, and psoriasis.

Price: $23.95
Weight: 8 oz

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