Peptide Scalp & Hair Serum

As we age our hair thins and looses its youthful color and shine. This serum addresses hair and scalp health at the cellular level, clearing inactive follicles of dead cell build up allowing new hair growth and room for thicker hair growth. Regular use will result in a healthier scalp which promotes thicker, stronger and shinier hair. This serum includes the key ingredient Swertia Japonica Extract - a traditional Japanese hair care ingredient used for the care of Alopecia Areata (Hair loss condition)

Suggested application: Use after shampooing, conditioning and towel drying hair. Apply 2-3 drops to the scalp and massage deeply into the scalp with fingers. For best results we recommend use in combination with Nutra Peptide Shampoo and Nutra Peptide Conditioner.

Price: $17.95
Weight: 2 oz

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