24 KARAT GOLD! Anti-Aging Serum

For the woman who will accept nothing but the best for herself! This exclusive formula of Evesday Skin Care contains real 24 karat gold. Our age-defying formula combines pure 24 Karat Gold with the power of antioxidants, botanicals and essential oils to strengthen the skin's elasticity, firmness, hydration and smoothness. Improves circulation, decreases skin inflammation, while pure gold improves the appearance of expression lines, fine wrinkles and age spots. This formula restores softness and radiance to the skin. Excellent when used as an under make-up primer and creates a smooth surface for your make up application.

Suggested application: Apply a small amount directly to the skin twice a day, gently massage in the gold in circular movements until gold flakes are fully dissolved on to the skin.

Price: $47.95
Weight: 1 oz

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