During business travel I ran out of EvesDay and had to pick up another brand of skin care products. I can say without a doubt they just don't work the same. Thank you EvesDay for getting my products to me so quickly, and keeping me informed of new products available for my skin type. It's been less than two weeks and I'm already seeing and feeling the difference!

Kari ~ Terrell TX

EvesDay has top rated products, and I will always go back to buy from them! I love the 24K Gold Serum. Thank you so much for your wonderful products and professional service.

Jane C - CA

I Love these products! So natural and clean feeling..I think the Herbal peel is still my favorite. Thank's EvesDay for keeping my skin looking great...the hair is next! :P

Laura ~ Sachse TX

I am a Hairdresser by profession and I have been using the Coco Mango Purifying Hair and Body Shampoo, Moisturizing Shampoo and Moisturizing Cream Conditioner on myself and my clients. Immediately I could feel a difference in the way our hair felt, and looked and it's managability. The fragrance is wonderful and after just one use our hair looked shinier, healthier, and naturally conditioned. Color treated hair has more shine and no need for extra hair products to polish it off, even after blow drying. I recommend these all natural botanical hair products to anyone who has had a problem with dryness, dullness, or scalp issues. I will put EvesDay on my salon shelves to get them into the hands and hair of all my clients. As a hairdresser, if I like it, I know you will like too, Thank you EvesDay.

Sonia Gutierrez - Rockwall TX - www.Rezrezsalonrockwall.com

Over the past 6 months, I've had the pleasure of using Evesday products. I'm a 43 year old women with normal skin who loves the sun. I didn't start to worry about my skin until my late 30s. The products that I'm currently using are Vital Silk which gives my face a "silky smooth" feel and works well with my everyday make-up application. Also the Vitaplex-C Multi-Vitamin Revitalizing Cream. It helps to keep my under-eye area soft and bright. Before bed I apply the Lifting & Firming Elixir to my under-eye area and my crows feet. I saw improvement in the fine wrinkles around my eyes after only 2 weeks. Newly added to my skin care routine is the Fading Gel with Kojic Acid which I use for some freckles that get a little darker in the summer time. It is absorbed quickly and doesn't interfere with my daily make-up. My two "favorites" right now are the Micro-Dermabrasion Exfoliating cream followed by the Fruit Enzyme Exfoliating Serum. They do a wonderful job of removing all the dead skin and build up on my face. EvesDay products are very reasonably priced and do a wonderful job for all my skin care needs.

Stacey ~California

My friends laugh when I show them my empty Evesday product bottles as the proof of my love for these products. I am 30 years old I have always struggled with severe acne for a long as I can remember. I have spent a lot of time and money and tried everything to achieve clear skin. After using EvesDay Blemish Control products for only a few months I was able to stop using the "Minocycline" prescribed by my dermatologist. It's been a year with no breakouts and my face is smooth and moisturized. I use The acne toner, blemish control gel, and vitamin B moisturizing cream. I have also found amazing results with the microdermabrasion cream and the Herbal Peeling Gel. So glad I found EvesDay products. I love my blemish free, smooth and healthy skin. Thanks EvesDay.

Melony ~Richardson, TX

Evesday products leave my skin feeling fresh and truly clean, not greasy or oily. In my 30's I'm still struggling with acne and dark spots. These products have left my skin feeling and looking great and I've tried everything! You MUST try these products. Thank you Evesday!

Elissa B - Rockwall TX


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