Xanthan Gum

a thickening agent commonly used in food products such as  salad dressing and a stabilizer in cosmetic and skin care products.

Neck And Chest Cream- No More Crepe Skin

Weight: 8 oz
Price: $95.95

Luminous Peptide Serum - FREE Shipping

Weight: 1 oz
Price: $48.95

Luscious Lip Conditioner-FREE Shipping

Weight: 0.03 oz
Price: $13.95

Super Firming Cream- FREE Shipping

Weight: 1 oz
Price: $44.95

AHA Mint Masque Travel Size

Weight: 0.5 oz
Price: $10.95

Sage & Citrus Moisturizer- FREE Shipping

Weight: 2 oz
Price: $29.95

Ultra Soy Peptide Creme- FREE Shipping

Weight: 1.7 oz
Price: $44.95

Vital Hydrating Toner Gel- FREE Shipping

Weight: 6 oz
Price: $29.95

HA+Collagen Serum

Weight: 1 oz
Price: $36.95
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