Rosemary Leaf Extract

Rosemary Extract An extract obtained from the fresh, flowering tops of the plant. Used for its tonic properties and as a stimulant to the tissues. A natural diuretic, rosemary extract helps to release fluids from the tissues and gives a firming and decongestant action.

ROSEMARY LEAVES (ROSMARINUS OFFICINALIS) Habitat: In most gardens in all regions of Europe, the United States and Asia. Prefers locations near seas or oceans. Appearance: A shrubby herb with evergreen leaves of dark green color. Flowers are small and pale blue. Odor: Pungently aromatic, somewhat camphorous. Functional Benefits: Tonic, astringent, stimulant, cleansing, soothing, fragrance component. A widely used botanical in all types of personal care products.  
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