Elder Flower

ELDER FLOWERS (SAMBUCUS CANADESIS) Habitat: All over Europe and introduced to the Americas. The canadensis species is native to North America and the part used is the flower. European species nigra is mainly cultivated for its berries for use in Elderberry Wine, an old European tradition. Appearance: Sambucus canadensis is a tall shrub, up to 10 ft. tall, with small white flowers and purple-black berries. Odor: Fragrant, light green note, pleasant vegetable odor. Functional Benefits: Extracts of flowers are used as fragrance components and, because of their slightly astringent nature, are used in under-eye and other skin products. Elder is a cleanser and moisturizer to the skin and hair.Elder Flower is a cooling herb. The flowers are mainly used but the bark, leaves, fruit and root all have anti-oxidant, anti-imflammatory and healing properties.

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