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Look younger and achieve brighter more even skin tone. As skin ages, it starts to become duller, show previous sun damage, spots and discoloration. This is caused by the fact that proteins in the skin's epidermis become cross-linked and rigid, resulting in a loss of transparency and color. Brightening serum has been developed for use all over the face, as a means of restoring skin color without the use of strong bleaching agents. High concentration of Vitamin C, E and A is very effective in helping to neutralize free radicals before they damage healthy skin cells. Natural essential oils of lemon and orange work as effective pigment inhibitors to brighten the complexion for a more youthful look. Vitamin C helps to improve collagen and elastin production to reduce and slow the formation of new lines and wrinkles. This concentrated Vitamin C treatment helps to diminish fine lines, age spots, and discolorations.

Suggested application: Apply on clean face and neck morning and evening. Follow with moisturizer. Visible improvement in skin color, texture and appearance should be evident within 4-8 weeks. For all non-sensitive skin types.

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